Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine - the synergies of the healing energies of Reiki, crystals and essences from the First Light range is profound, gentle and transformational.

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Healing for the Soul

Reiki & Energy Healing, Essential Oils and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

The synergies Reiki, Energy Healing, Essential Oils and the First Light® flower essences is profound and comes under the umbrella of vibrational or energy medicine. Designed to assist the release of deep seated trauma, emotional pain, negative attitudes, self limiting beliefs and thought patterns, allowing you to live a healthier and happier life.

Treating a person holistically we address the root cause of a condition and work to release energetic blocks that are the underlying cause of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain that manifest as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease or illness. Worry, stress and anxiety are high on the list of ailments these days which deplete our energy levels leaving us feeling tired, lethargic and generally under par. 

Treat the cause - Heal the Spirit

Root causes of illness, stress and anxiety come in many guises but are generally tracked back to a trauma or fear, such as a childhood accident, the loss of a loved one or another major 'life event' that we have never really recovered from.  These traumas, left untreated or unresolved, leave an energetic imprint in our body which have a negative impact on our general health and wellbeing. It is by clearing and healing these imprints, the pain, stress and the depressive states, true holistic wellbeing can be created, sustained and maintained. 

Holistic Wellbeing Therapies - Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Reiki, Energy Healings, Essential Oils and Flower Essences provide a gentle, but highly effective, way to heal trauma, change attitudes, behaviours and create a new healthier way of being. 

Reiki Energy Healing is a hands on energy healing modality that heals on all levels - mind, body, emotions and spirit.  It is a powerful, but gentle therapy, that targets deep seated traumas, negative emotional and mental patterns and brings a person back to a place of peace. It is relaxing and energising and aids with creativity, finding your life purpose and creates space for change to occur.

Flower Essence Remedies are 100% natural and assist and support all family members with the stresses and strains of modern day living. A flower essence remedy may be taken as a stand alone therapy or taken in conjunction with Reiki & Crystal healing, Ear Candling or your Soul Coaching session to enhance and support your healing journey.

Individual blends are created to address a persons individual requirements to transform attitudes and beliefs, release trauma, balance the chakra system and assist with the many and varied life experiences that can be a challenge in the 21st century. Flower essences also assist with personal development and spiritual growth.

Ear Candling - a gentle therapy to enhance ear health and remove the build up of wax. A relaxing therapy leaving you feeling clear headed and balanced.

Soul Growth Programme - Your 6 Month Journey of Self Discovery and Soul Growth. This is a 6 month programme for those of you who wish to commit to making significant and meaningful changes in your life. Each month you will have a one hour Soul Growth Consultation to dip into, or dive into,  your soul self.  To reach the place of your true essence - the place of your soul self.

Reiki Healing and First Light Flower Essences of new Zealand™ FAQs

What clients said about how Reiki and Flower Essence Blends helped them

"I always feel better after the Reiki sessions, they are magic!"

"Thanks again, always a pleasure to see you. You are a burst of sunshine!"

"I can definitely feel the Reiki and Essences have helped me immensely. The essences got me on the creative path I believe.... well I've always been creative but I lost my way and I feel that the essences reached out to me with their stems, branches, and long grasses and whispered me back on the right path!! I can really physically feel changes happening ........."

Disclaimer: Harmonia Ltd. does not make or infer any therapeutic claim or representations of their range of products or therapies. Where necessary consult with your health care professionals.