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When we enter into a relaxed state we are able to let go and allow deep healing to occur.

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Soul Guidance Consultations 

Spread Your Wings and Take Flight - A Magical World Awaits You

Move from the Mundane to the Magical.  As we tune into the promptings and messages from within we are able to make significant and profound changes. We are able to let go of what we think we want or need to have, who we think we should be or what we think we should do and allow our Soul and Spirit self to direct our life. With guidance, magical and lasting changes may be made, encouraging and allowing you to spread your wings and take flight and live a magical life.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is and how that might look in the way you live your life or in the work that you do?

Would you like to connect with your true essence that is the internal compass that guides you?

Receive help you with the process of self discovery and finding your true essence so that you can live a fuller and richer life.

Follow your inner star and shine your light out into the world.

"Dip into your own soul. Find your own truth. What calls to your heart? What moves your spirit? Make your life dance to the song of your own essence."
~ Unknown ~

Soul Guidance Consultation

During your Soul Guidance Consultation you will have the opportunity for the promptings of your soul to rise up and be looked at and have those 'light bulb' moments of insight that are often the catalyst for change and growth that take you on to the next stage of your soul's journey. 

Each session will provide you with sacred space to
  • gain clarity around what you would like to change in your life
  • support you whilst you make changes
  • enhance your connection to your soul self and your true essence
  • lead a richer and more meaningful life
  • create a new vision for your future that is in alignment with your soul
Soul Inspired Guidance is helpful for those who wish to
  • connect with their life purpose
  • regain control of their life
  • make significant and meaningful changes
  • have a greater understanding about themselves
  • uncover and enhance their gifts
  • to lead a more spiritually based life
  • to connect with your hearts desire 
  • follow your inner star

Fee for a Soul Guidance Consultation: $120.00 per session includes your First Light® Flower Essence Remedy prescribed during the session (plus postage where applicable). The initial session is 75 minutes and follow up session is 60 minutes.

To receive the maximum benefit for your soul growth it is recommended that you commit to an initial minimum of 4 sessions approximately a month apart. Soul Guidance Consultation may be conducted in person or via Skype.

"I felt so empowered and this assisted me to move on from a situation that was de-energising me. Tessa is incredibly present when working alongside her and I cannot stress enough how beautiful that is." Carol Wales

For more information or to book your Soul Guidance Consultation to help you Find Your Essence Be Your Essence contact Tessa Jonassen 

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